Greek and Egyptian Magical Formularies, Vol. 1, Published

Number 9 in the series has been published. It is an unusual entry in the series because it required a larger format and modified style to accommodate the scholarly needs of the project. Greek and Egyptian Magical Formularies, Vol. 1, edited by Christopher A. Faraone and SofĂ­a Torallas Tovar is the work of an international team of over 20 scholars expert in ancient magic and religion and in Greek, Demotic, and Coptic papyrology. The first volume contains 54 pieces dating from the second century BC to the third century BCE. The editions update those in K. Preisendanz’s famous Papyri graecae magicae and incorporate the material in the Supplementum Magicum of R. Daniel and F. Maltomini, and each edited piece is accompanied by a detailed introduction, translation, and footnotes providing commentary.

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