Submission Competition for Junior Scholars

In its first year California Classical Studies (CCS) emphasized submissions from tenured and established scholars. Reprints of books by Leslie Kurke and Edward Courtney have appeared, and other work of senior scholars is in development.

In 2014 CCS is pleased to encourage submissions from junior (pre-tenure) scholars whose work fits the intended profile of our series. The primary aim of the series is to disseminate basic research (editing and analysis of primary materials both textual and physical), data-heavy research, and highly specialized research of the kind that is either hard to place with the leading publishers in Classics or extremely expensive for libraries and individuals when produced by a leading academic publisher. Under this heading we have in mind especially archaeological publications, papyrological and epigraphic studies, technical textual studies, and the like.

All submissions from junior scholars in 2014 will be in consideration for special recognition. Either one or two of the submissions will be designated as works of particular scholarly excellence, and all production expenses for these works will be paid from the Mellon Grant supporting CCS in its startup phase.

To be considered in this competition, a work must have completed successfully the preliminary review of the submission questionnaire and its attachments by the Editorial Board and be at least in the peer-review stage (“out to reviewers”) by the end of 2014. The selection of one or two winners will be made in Spring 2015 by the Editorial Board.

For detailed information about the profile of potential submissions, details of the review and publication process, and the submission form, use the Information for Authors link above.